Steven Brady
East Norriton, PA

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Jim Walsh on what started out as one of the most stressful days of my life. The day before I was scheduled to close on my first home, my "big bank" mortgage advisor, whom I had never met in person, and who for the most part, had delegated most of his contact with me to another person in the office, called to tell me they were declining the mortgage they had given approval for 60 days earlier, because, apparently, they hadn't put much effort into really reviewing my application until that very day. Feeling my house and future slip though my fingers, I called my home's builder and asked if there was any way he knew of to resolve this.

My builder told me that he trusted Jim with his own family's mortgages, and that if there was a positive outcome to be had,Jim would guide me through it, and if there wasn't, I would at least receive an explanation as to what exactly was wrong and what that meant for my future. It was immediately apparent upon my first communication that Jim was friendly, personable, and extremely competent and dedicated to his clients. He provided me with the complete list of paperwork that he required of me, and scheduled a meeting with me, at my house.

From our first meeting, I had comfort and confidence in the experience Jim provided. Like a doctor
making a house call, we sat at my kitchen table with the fate of my purchase in Jim's hands. Jim already knew every piece of information I had given to him, inside and out and had a clear plan for how we were going to proceed to a successful outcome.

Jim shepherded us through every aspect of the entire process, telling me exactly what information was required. No detail was missed by Jim, and we had productive conversations and contact with him throughout the entire process. As the closing date approached, others involved in the process who knew Jim had nothing but good things to say about him, and let us know how lucky we were.

I am a homeowner today because of Jim Walsh, his professional expertise and his personalized focus on each and every client. I happily recommend him without reservation to anyone looking to finance or refinance a home. Thank you, Jim!


Donna Steinkomph: Associate Broker CENTURY 21 Alliance

John and Noelle,

I wanted to just take a moment to thank you both for all of the work you did to get my buyer to settlement.. I really appreciate you taking all of your time to make this a go and I know they felt the same way.

Most lenders in today's world just pull credit, income and debts and say yes or no. You took on the responsibility of guiding them through the process of what needed to be done to buy a home. Not many lenders will take the time to do this. Once you decided it was possible I felt very comfortable and and never doubted for a moment that we would be at the settlement table.

So I just wanted to drop a note and thank you both so much for all of the time you spent on this transaction. I truly believe you went above & beyond what today's lenders will do. We all truly thank the two of you :)

Thank you so much!!



I just want to thank you for all your help with getting my mortgage. You and your team made my life very easy during the stressful time of buying a house. So, I very much appreciate all your help and effort.

If I ever do this again I know who to call. I do have your card safely stored for future use!


Stacy Helmandollar

I can’t think of a thing that would have made this a more pleasant experience!


Patrick Stanley

In today's fast paced world it was so nice to find a truly caring professional person as yourself. Although I didn't need a typical mortgage loan, you took care of my needs and set me up with a line of credit. You followed up to make sure I was taken care of. You are # 1 on my list and I will be sure to tell any one who will listen about you!


Nick Witko

I just wanted to reach out to you and extend my thanks for all of your hard work and help. You really made the process easy and quick and as painless as possible. Thank you again and I will surely be using you again in the future and recommending you to everyone who I can.


Christopher and Jennifer Mull

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help during our home purchase. You never hesitated to take the time to explain things thoroughly to me in order to help me understand all of our options. During the whole process, we definitely felt that you were looking out for us and wanted to help us in any way possible. We greatly appreciate that. Having an expert like you on our side made us feel as comfortable as possible during a stressful life event like a home purchase. We will absolutely send anyone we know to you for their mortgage needs!


Alex Tartar

I have worked with Rosann Hanson the past year on several mortgages. She handled herself professionally, efficiently, and also with good humor, all qualities that I appreciate. Her products and knowledge provided me with solutions for situations that were not always straightforward and sometimes difficult for me to understand. I highly recommend PMA and Rosann for anyone requiring assistance in obtaining a mortgage.


Thomas Frey

I can't thank you enough! I've been stressing about what to do in purchasing a house and have had numerous questions unanswered for the last month. Then, I met you and in 2 days you answered all of my questions. In addition you have helped me decide on the right mortgage program that's perfect for me. Wow! I'm ready to make a bid! Thanks again!


Arlene Walker

I'm a potential first time homebuyer, and like many others, I didn't know where to begin. I was referred to Rosann Hanson by a realtor of a property that I was interested in. My initial conversation with Rosann Hanson lasted about an hour. She was so helpful, and made suggestions based upon my situation and her experience. I spoke with Rosann, and told her my situation; that my credit was not in the best shape. She reviewed my credit report and pointed out some things I could do to make an immediate improvement. She noted that my balances to high credit ratio was really bringing my score down and suggested that if I had extra cash I should pay off my credit card. I followed her instruction and within a week the new balance was reported as $0 and my score had gone up nearly 40 points!

She gave me several excellent tips and my score continues to improve. I'm so pleased with my progress, thanks to Rosann's help. She's really interested and cares in helping her clients get to where they need to be in order to make a home purchase. I still have some steps to go, but I really look forward to making my first home purchase and Rosann is helping to make that dream a reality!


Beth Topor: Realtor, Keller Williams: Real Estate

You are an incredible loan officer, but more importantly, a wonderful person with a heart of gold. I think it's your consideration of people's feeling and understanding of how difficult the process of buying a home is what makes you the perfect match for any one of my buyers.

I must say you went above and beyond the call of duty, and not because you had to, but because that is who you are and I am proud to have you on my "team"! I cannot tell you enough what an outstanding person you are which is why you are the best loan officer in the WORLD!


Michele and Ryan

I wanted to send you an email just thanking you for all your hard work and for getting us such a low rate!! It really meant a lot to Ryan and me. You really went out of your way to make us happy and make everything right.

You don't really see people anymore that care about the customer and work hard to get things done like YOU do!!!!! Again, thank you so much for everything.


Susan DeLaney

Best ever service and closing provided by Dave. Communication with the office staff was excellent - Truly a delightful experience!



Thanks so much! You are awesome! I wish everyone had your work ethic. I truly appreciate everything that you have done for us so far. You have really gone above and beyond on your own personal time to get things done.


Melissa and Grayson

We could never thank you enough for all you did for us. We know you just did your job but we feel you went above and beyond for us. You worked with us at all hours of the day, answered our thousands of emails promptly, and were so patient with us as you explained every step of the process. If we never met you, I don't know if we'd be home owners! As corny as it sounds, you literally made our dream come true. Thank you so much for everything!



YOU’RE THE BEST!!!! Words could never express the gratitude and respect I will always have for you. You are truly “One of a Kind”. Thanks for not giving up on Jody and me. I know this was definitely one of the most difficult challenges you have had in your career.


Colleen Greeley

Mary Jo is great! She should do everyone's mortgage!


Peter Kurtz

Mary Jo has set up our mortgages on each house we have owned. She is great to work with, very personable, and never pressured us into taking on too much of a mortgage. I recommend Mary Jo without hesitation.


Danielle Martinelli

Mary Jo is professional, courteous and knows exactly what she is doing. She is a perfectionist when it comes to making sure all of the details are handled correctly and timely. My fiancé and I used MJ to purchase our first home and it was the best decision we ever made. She was available 24 hours a day and continued to ensure us that nothing would go wrong and she certainly kept her word! We trusted MJ to make sure everything was handled correctly and you will to without any disappointment!

Mary Jo made the process of refinancing "painless". She was very knowledgeable and patient, answering all of my questions with made me feel very at ease. Everything was ready on the day of settlement and the process was simple. I would HIGHLY recommend Mary Jo to my family and friends! She was wonderful!


Local Realtor

Both Cheryl's and PMA's unwavering commitment to customer service is outstanding. The fact that it is a local company where everything from application to underwriting to closing is done in-house gives Cheryl 24/7 access to her processors and underwriters which allows her to predict a buyer's qualifications and the timeframe needed for a transaction better than any other loan officer and company I have ever encountered. And, because of her access to special programs, my clients were able to obtain a PHFA loan and were thrilled to buy a home in a beautiful neighborhood with the funds to complete needed improvements – all at a jaw-droopingly low interest rate!

Cheryl is easy to work with and very charismatic without ever allowing her integrity to be compromised to please others. In other words, we like her because she is likable - not because she tells us what we want to hear!

If you are looking for a lender who can provide better service than you are receiving now, you would be doing you and your business a favor by calling Cheryl and PMA.


Adrian & Steve

Thank you so much for your warm & professional assistance with our mortgage – 3rd time’s the charm! You & Chrissy responded to each & every question with patience and kindness. PMA Rocks!


Judi and James

We purchased our first home with your constant support, attentive ear, and ability to talk us off a ledge at a moment’s notice. You answered our hundreds of questions, and ran numbers for us non-stop for half a year. We never felt alone in this process and all we can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts for absolutely everything you’ve done for us. We’re making an even larger commitment in September when we get married and now have a home to come back to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Jed Carmen

I met Cheryl just a month ago when we decided to purchase a new home. We had to act quickly since our closing was a very accelerated process. Normally, the entire process takes 6 weeks but we were able to pull everything together in only 3 weeks. Cheryl was dedicated, personable and very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. This included many weeknight and weekend calls to lock down final details. I highly recommend Cheryl as a great partner in the mortgage lending process. She's a star.


Carmen Croce
Philadelphia, PA

I don’t think I ever wrote to tell you how grateful I am for your diligent and competent work on my application for a refinanced mortgage. This is the second time you walked me through a process that seems to have become a bit more complicated than I remembered. Through both mortgage applications you provided good advice and clear explanations of all phases of the processes throughout. I remember being surprised at how quickly you responded every time I wrote to you.


Michelle Kearsing & Ken Jones
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for all your help and support through this life-changing event! We are more than satisfied with your service from beginning to end. First, I would like to thank you for finding us such a spectacular loan. I was convinced we were going to have to pay PMI on top of a mortgage payment. My friends that are buying or have bought houses are super jealous. Secondly, I appreciate how all our questions were immediately attended to. That really meant a lot to us both, especially since this was our first home and had no idea what most of the financial language meant.

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