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Shop for a home with confidence. A PMA pre-qualification is respected by realtors and can give you an upper hand when buying a home.

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PMA has some of the most experienced mortage professionals in the industry. We're here to help you every step of the way through the mortgage process.

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About Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors

Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors is an independent mortgage lender licensed in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, and Virginia. At Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors we believe – and recent history has shown - that in the banking and mortgage industry, bigger is not always better. We are a group of mortgage professionals that have combined our experience and commitment to excellence to form a company that strives to provide only the best solutions and service to each and every client.

Our success is based on two things: our exceptional staff of mortgage professionals and our innovative thinking. From the support of our mortgage advisors and highly-experienced staff to our access to a wide variety of mortgage programs, our approach to customer service and support is unmatched in the industry.

We believe that when shopping for a mortgage you deserve - and we will provide - three things:

  1. Great Service
  2. Great Rates
  3. Great Advice

You can trust us to ensure that you will receive the highest level of service from application to settlement.